Effective solutions

for mass events

The Phestio cashless payment system brings a number of benefits when dealing with not only musical, cultural or sport events but also with various VIP and promo events.


Why should you choose Phestio?

cashless sale in the event

warehouse management system for bars and warehouses

activity check

delivery and supervision of cash registers, stable and mobile POS, simplification of billing

storage of source products, removal of sales variants, recipe, simplification of inventories

monitoring of external services (eg security)

By covering the entire area with Wifi connectivity and using NFC technology, we can create a CASHLESS environment that is both intuitive and time-saving for both visitors and organizers. This solution brings not only control over transactions in the area of the event but also reduces staff requirements and provides statistical data about the visitors’ behavior and activity.


Intuitive solution for mass and other cultural events

ticket pre-sale, ticket check and scanning

cashless environment based on NFC technology

wristbands, cards or other NFC chip carriers

access control and sales at the event grounds (chip transactions)

warehouse management system for bars and warehouses

assigning roles and rights to workers

interactive visitor engagement

creating a wireless network in the area of ​​the event



How does the service work


The service includes

support of the production team for cashless preparations

communicating the requirements of the cashless system with visitors and retailers

transport, installation and setup of the equipment

preventive field supervision, communications with vendors, security

data outputs, billing, refunds

training supervisors, attendants and bartenders

sourcing and organizing ticketing, entry control, charging stations, and customer care

financial management, cash withdrawal, processing of refunds

claims and inquiries




comprehensive and easy to use technology

instant reports from individual functional units

real time statistics on visitor behavior

reduces personnel security requirements

minimizes manipulation and cash risks

accelerates and simplifies interaction with the customer




Technical solution

Software development based on our own 20-year production experience

Resilient and mobile technical solution

Self-provisioning of networking with the possibility of providing a network for the production team

a device with its own batteries, the possibility of providing a network with UPS resources

Flexible development team to meet any client requirements



About us

The Phestio cashless payment system for mass events was based on years of experience in the production of musical and cultural events and the needs of producers and organizers. An important part of Phestio Cashless is the technology and know-how gained in the provision of online payment services in the financial segment. Phestio is constantly focused on improving and expanding services that facilitate the supervision and financial management of mass events. Phestio services are fully available throughout Europe and especially in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Radek Maliník




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